IATS Launches Mirlo Fundraising Campaign

From Leon to Gijon through the Picos de Europa mountains, the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) is on the move in Spain and is now receiving the support of Mirlo, a new company that offers its clients the possibility of living their lives while leaving a positive footprint on the planet. They "make environmental projects happen thanks to people like you, with projects that make a real impact" and "an economic model that creates a positive environmental footprint by definition."
IAT Spain (IATS) is a non-profit association set up to promote the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) in Spain. It is one chapter in an international effort to join continents together - without borders - and extent to all regions once connected on the super-continent Pangea when the Appalachian Mountains were formed. By supporting its expansion in Spain, you can help make it happen.
IAT Spain has been studying the route for some time now, and now it’s time for action. With this project, they intend to walk and layout out the first section, which will connect the cities of Leon and Gijon in the north of the country.
IAT long-distance hiker Cotton Joe Norman - who is currently living and working on the Spanish Island of Ibiza - says:
To learn more about the project and/ or make a donation, go to http://mirlo.co/projects/international-appalachian-trail-spain/