Nfld's Cabox Aspiring Geopark Joins EU Project

In October, the IATNL sponsored Cabox Aspiring Geopark in Western Newfoundland joined the European Union's Interreg VB Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme's Drifting Apart project. Its goal is to "unearth and strengthen the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating and interconnected geological heritage of the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, and its many links to natural, built and cultural heritage. The project will support the development of new and aspiring Global Geoparks, promote innovative products and services for economic prosperity across the Northern Periphery Region and continue to build a strong network of Northern Periphery Global Geoparks."



"The geology of the Northern Periphery and Arctic provides a common link between diverse regions. Locally, geodiversity underpins our natural and cultural heritage. It also underpins our economic prosperity, in as much as our economy depends ultimately on natural resources. In a very real sense, geodiversity is fundamental to every aspect of human existence."


Lead partner Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust, Northern Ireland


"The geology of this region offers a journey through time, insight into the earth’s geological history, and an understanding of economic and social development (past and present), shared across the region. It also offers great opportunities to further develop new economic opportunities, enhance culture and sense of pride in place, and conserve historical links between the regions."


Partner Magma Geopark, Norway


Drawing upon the diverse expertise of the partners, the project will:

1. Provide shared opportunities for learning about the regions geology and related heritage

2. Enhance visitor opportunities on site and off site

3. Increase visitor numbers into the partners’ areas, diversify visitors from generalistic visitors to specialist visitors, provide economic opportunities for local businesses to capture visitors who are interested in geologic heritage

4. Provide opportunities for all partners to share experiences and learn best practice, and to develop a model for sustainable management of the geological areas designated as ‘Geoparks’


Partner Stonehammer Geopark, New Brunswick


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