Spain Installs Blazes on Los Caminos Naturales

From Alcantará near the border with Portugal to Las Villuercas, the International Appalachian Trail in Spain is now easier to follow.  IAT blazes (i.e. trail markers) have been erected along the country's Los Caminos Naturales (Natural Pathways) that will double as the International Appalachian Trail. 

IAT Spain's Ruth Hernandez in Peraleda de San Roman


Since November 2014, markers have been installed along part of the River Tagus Natural Pathway, where the best example of Appalachian relief in continental Europe is found.



The IAT in Spain also passes through sections of El Camino Natural de las Villuercas (Villuercas´s Natural PathWay) and El Camino Natural del Guadiana (River Guadiana Natural PathWay).


The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has developed 8,544 kilometers of the Los Caminos since 1993.


These public pathways are maintained in collaboration with local authorities and can be used by hikers, cyclists and equestrian riders to bring people closer to their natural environment, promote knowledge of nature and natural landscapes, and encourage sustainable rural development.



The Ministery plans to continue supporting IAT Spain in the future by marking more sections of Los Caminos.


For more on the story, go to the Spanish language IAT Spain website.