IAT Welcomes Scotland's West Highland Way

On June 5 at the grand opening of the Appalachian Trail Museum in Pine Grove State Park, Pennsylvania, the International Appalachian Trail officially welcomed Scotland and the West Highland Way as the first European Chapter of the IAT.   Joining IAT President Paul Wylezol in welcoming the WHW were ATC executive members, AT Museum directors, and State and County Representatives.


(Left to right) AT Museum Director Bill O'Brien, Cumberland County Tourism Director Shireen Farr, ATC COO Steve Paradis, Cumberland County Commissioner Rick Rovegno, Pennsylvania Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources John Quigley, Pennsylvania State House Representative Mauree Gingrich, ATC Executive Director Dave Startzell, IAT President Paul Wylezol, AT Museum President Larry Luxenberg, and AT Museum Director Kent Wilson

The official welcome came nearly a year to the day that an IAT delegation from Maine and Newfoundland Labrador travelled to Scotland to hold exploratory meetings with representatives from the British Geological Survey, local trail organizations, Lochaber Geopark officials, and government representatives on the possibility of Scotland becoming a European chapter of the IAT. 


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