First IATNL North Arm Traverse

On August 27-28, IAT Chairperson Paul Wylezol and IAT Hiker Sean LeMoine hiked across the North Arm Hills of Newfoundland, from Stowbridge Head in the Bay of Islands to Trout River Pond in Gros Morne National Park. 



The goal was to identify a route for the new IATNL North Arm Traverse, which will make up one of 3 stages of the one-week UltramaTrex, that will connect the four ophiolites - including the earth's rusted ultramafic mantle - of Western Newfoundland.  The region is often referred to by geologists as the Galapagos of Plate Tectonics.



The two-day traverse requires a 45-minute boat ride on each end, provided by True North Charters out of Cox's Cove in the south, and Ocean Quest Adventures out of Trout River in the north.

To learn more about the first IATNL North Arm Traverse, go to the IATNL website.

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