IAT Spain Developing Trail in Las Villuercas

IAT Spain (Sendero Internacional de los Apalaches) is working to develop a trail route in Las Villuercas at the center of Spain's "Appalachian" region, located between the rivers Tagus and Guadiana in Southeast Cáceres. The area borders Campo Los Ibores Arañuelo to the north, Trujillo to the west, La Serena and Siberia to the south (both in the province of Badajoz), and the province of Toledo to the east.

The area has large mountain ranges - the highest of which is the Pico Villuercas at 1,601 meters - and various ecosystems with multiple micro-climates, including well-preserved deciduous and coniferous forests, Pyrenean oak, Chestnut, Cork oak and dehesas with mainly Holm oak.  Wildlife include deer, wild boar, otter, and genets.

There are also ancient fossils, cave paintings and architectural ruins.

HOW TO GET TO LAS VILLUERCAS: Fly to Madrid then take a bus to Navalmoral de la Mata. The bus station in Madrid is ESTACIÓN SUR DE AUTOBUSES, C/ Méndez Alvaro, 83 (Tél. + 34 91 468 42 00), close to the subway station named “Nuevos Ministerios”.   The one-way price is between 15€ (three-hour trip) to 22€ (two-hour trip).  From Navalmoral de la Mata to the first place where the trail starts, is 23 km (14.3 miles). Check with IAT Spain for information about taxis that can take you to Fresnedoso de Ibor.


It is necessary to register with IAT SPAIN before you start out on the trail.  You can do that by writing to

IAT Spain will provide a telephone number to answer questions and give assistance.

You don´t need to carry a tent, as hikers are not allowed to camp outside of the one camping area. However there are plenty of hotels where you can rest and sleep along the way.

If you finish the hike in a village without accommodation, a taxi can be arranged to take you to the nearest hotel.


Fresnedoso de bor, Robledollano , Roturas de Cabañas-Cabañas del Castillo, Solana, Berzocana, Logrosán, Cañamero, Guadalupe, Navezuelas, Navalvillar de Ibor, Castañar de Ibor, Despoblado de la Avellaneda, Peralada de San Román, Navatrasierra, La Calera, Alía, Puerto Rey.

The price of accommodation is between 68€ to 36€ (double room).

It is recommended that you hike the trail in any month except July and August (it´s too hot and dry).

For information on the following five trail sections go to

Robledollano-Roturas de Cabañas-Cabañas del Castillo GPS Route:

Cañamero – Guadalupe GPS Route:

Guadalupe – Navezuelas GPS route:

Castañar de Ibor – Despoblado de la Avellaneda GPS Route:

Navatrasierra – la Calera GPS Route:

The total length of the Las Villuercas trail route is approximately 230 kilometers (143 miles).

For the IAT Spain blog go to: